What is an Owner’s Representative?

Think of an Owner’s Representative (OR) as a professional, experienced, construction consultant who acts as the owner’s liaison or program manager. The OR will build the project team from the ground-up. Architects, engineers, subcontractors, vendors and third-party professionals all play a pivotal role in the construction of a complex, custom home or addition. The OR will consult with the owner throughout every stage of the project from design and engineering analysis, bid and cost management, scheduling, subcontractor and vendor procurement, vertical construction through punch-out and warranty. BayWater Construction’s OR consulting division will provide professional program and project management from inception through implementation and warranty.

Owner’s Representation vs. General Contractor

Typically, there are two common approaches most owners choose when building their custom dream home:

1) the most common and typical approach is the owner goes through a selection process to hire a General Contractor (GC) who then provides general project management and construction oversight that includes: subcontractor and vendor procurement, project management, cost and cash flow management, punch-out and warranty.


2) Homeowners  decide to build their custom home themselves hiring the professionals, subcontractors, vendors and managing the project from beginning to the end. This can be a lengthy and arduous journey for an owner who does not build often and/or professionally. The owner has to hire the professionals, find and select the subcontractors and vendors, manage the project for quality and ultimately bears the full-burden of making sure the subcontractors and vendors construct per the plans, codes and specifications…all the while making sure the project is built on-time and within-budget. This is the gap the Owners Representative model helps bridge.

Owner’s Rep Services Can Save You Money

BayWater Construction Owner’s Representation Services (OR) offers a third, cost efficient approach. For the discerning owner who desires to be actively involved in the project, BayWater Construction provides a team of construction professionals and consulting experts that will save you both time and money while eliminating costly mistakes and structural mishaps. BayWater’s consulting team provides expert project and program management at a cost effective rate saving the owner time, effort, mistakes and money from initiation through implementation. BayWater’s OR team assists the discerning owner in all stages of the construction project. As consultants, we provide expert analysis, opinions, and construction oversight to the owner who wishes to be engaged in the day-to-day activities of the project. With the help and assistance of the OR consultant, the owner makes decisions on selections, finishes and product choices, pays the subcontractors, vendors and third-party professionals, and oversees the vertical construction. BayWater’s OR team assists the owner every step of the way providing professional construction and consulting services.

Moisture Management – Part 1

One of the benefits of working with BayWater is our technical background. So this article is for all of the engineers and those looking for in-depth knowledge about the building process. This is the first of a three part series om Moisture Management.


Moisture Management  Part One


High Performance Enclosures


The building enclosure is the part of the structure that physically separates the interior and exterior environments.  The enclosure includes all of the parts that make up the wall, window, roof, and floor assemblies from the innermost to the outermost layer.


The basic function of the enclosure of a structure is to protect the conditioned interior spaces from the surrounding environment.  Uncontrolled rainwater penetration and moisture ingress are two of the most common threats to the structural integrity and performance of the building enclosure.


Common Elements of an Exterior Wall:


  • Exterior Cladding – a protective layer or finish affixed to the exterior side of a building enclosure system;


  • Drainage Plane(s) – any element exposed to weather or otherwise residing at the line between the “wet” and “dry” zones of an exterior wall assembly;


  • Air Barrier System(s) – any element(s) that is intended, by design, to control the movement of air across an exterior wall assembly;


  • Vapor Retarder(s) – any element(s) that is intended to control or otherwise limit the flow of water in its vapor form across an exterior wall assembly;


  • Insulation Element(s) – any element(s) that is intended to control or otherwise regulate heat loss and heat gain across an exterior wall assembly;


  • Structural Element(s) – any element(s) in an exterior wall assembly that is intended to effectively resist both live and dead loads acting on a building or structure through the efficient and effective distribution of those loads to the underlying structural frame.


The three basic functions of the enclosure are:


  1. i) Support
  2. ii) Control

iii) Finish


The enclosure supports the structure by resisting and transferring physical forces from inside and out including lateral, gravity, rheological and impact forces.  The enclosure controls mass and energy flows including:


  • Rain,
  • Air
  • Heat
  • Vapor
  • Fire
  • Sound,
  • Insects
  • Light


The enclosure finish is the interior and exterior surfaces for people that include color, texture, pattern, and material.


What is a high-performance enclosure?  An enclosure, which provides high levels of control.  Poor control continuity limits performance in the enclosure assembly.  Poor continuity causes most wall assembly problems including:


  • Rain leakage
  • Air leakage
  • Surface condensation
  • Cold windows, etc.


The rain control of an enclosure must include rain shedding, drainage, flashing, drain-holes, overlapping and integration.


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